This is the latest of many, many iterations of this blog. It’s been hosted in one form or another since 2003 on DeadJournal, LiveJournal and then in WordPress, it’s been about politics and life and bizarre news. But somehow it never settles down and usually ends up as a bunch of downloaded xml files on a hard-drive somewhere.

This is a blog about activism, bizarre news, conspiracy theories, creative endeavours, liberal politics, Mornington Crescent, risk-taking, schadenfreude, serendipity, treasure-hunting, trouble-making and the weird and wonderful. If you like these things, great. If not, it’s a big Internet out there.

This is merely the latest attempt to have a blog I can be happy with. Here’s a few other things you should probably know:

  • I am a real person and not a spambot. If I linked to your blog, or commented on it, it was because I liked the post you made. We live in such cynical times…
  • To prove it, you can follow me on Twitter.
  • This Creative Commons licence applies to all content on this blog.
  • I will not waste time and energy on trolls, wankers or people being objectionable. I will simply delete your comments without feeling any obligation to be fair to you, since this is my blog and I am Ceiling Cat in this universe.
  • You can establish contact here – but do not take this step lightly; who can calculate the possible unintended consequences to your civilisation?
  • This is my other blog – My Weekly Book, which records the outcome of the self-imposed challenge of reading 52 books in a year.