A conspiracy theory disproved

Here’s an old favourite that we must now assume has bitten the dust. Here’s a piece from The Independent on the fate of the last of the Romanovs:

Case closed: Last of Romanovs died at Yekaterinburg

DNA tests have confirmed that remains found last year are those of two of the last Tsar’s children, executed by a firing squad in 1918.

The announcement by the Russian authorities puts an end to decades of speculation about the possible escape of one or more of Nicholas II’s children, and should close the final chapter of the Romanov dynasty, which ruled Russia from 1613 until the February Revolution of 1917.

Eduard Rossel, the governor of Sverdlovsk region, where the royal family was killed, said that bone fragments found in the region last summer had been examined by a US-based laboratory, and the results gave “full confirmation” that the remains came from Prince Alexei and the Grand Duchess Maria. “Now we have the whole family,” he told journalists in the city of Yekaterinburg. Read full story here…