And inside my egg sandwich I came face to face with Buddha

Sorry to be so intensely cynical about this. But I’m afraid I agree with the commenter on this Daily Telegraph story who says it looks every bit as much like a Dementor as the Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary spotted in suburban tree trunk

A likeness of the Virgin Mary spotted in the trunk of a suburban tree is being touted as a divine “blessing”.

The image, which resembles the mother of Jesus in her traditional open-armed pose, has reportedly been causing local residents to shake and cry in wonder.

Christopher Moreau, who first spotted the tree’s markings in his neighbour’s garden in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, believes that it may have helped the health of his mother-in-law, who recently recovered from cancer.


Eulalee Hamilton, Mr Moreau’s neighbour and the owner of the tree, said that she was happy for people to come see the likeness as long as they did not damage her garden.

Laughing off suggestions that it was a sign from God, she said that the Virgin Mary image was just the scarring from a limb that was cut off the tree a year ago. Read full story here…

Kudos to the cool-headed Eulalee Hamilton and her wish to preserve her garden, I say.

My favourite one of these ever is the cinnamon bun from Seattle that looks like Mother Theresa, despite its sad demise. I have a feeling it was later recovered but my Google Fu is not up to the task of proving that today.

And evidently Allah is always turning up to greet his believers from the inside of tomatoes and aubergines.