Breakfast of champions

A glorious story from The Telegraph about six Maasai tribesmen running the London Marathon in order to raise the funds to provide their village with clean water. Quite clear what they’ll be doing with said water – boiling it up, of course:

Britain suits Maasai marathon warriors to a tea

African tribesmen arriving to run in the London Marathon this weekend have instantly become addicted to the British “cuppa”.

Six Maasai warriors, who have never before left their tiny Tanzanian village of Eluai, have settled in today with mugs of sugar-packed tea.

Their guest home in Cooling, Kent, is run by mother-of-three Clare Martin, 34, who said: “We soon found out what they did and didn’t like – but it became immediately apparent that they are a bit addicted to tea.

“The amount of sugar they have is astonishing – they’re on 10 spoonfuls a cup. I don’t think they’ve had that much sugar in their diets before so they’re just making the most of all the new tastes. And I’m having to stock up on Coco-Pops as well.” Read full story here…

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