Don't bottle it up, say what you mean…

Here’s something that’s just too good not to share. Mourners at a Shrewsbury graveyard have got a little impatient at being told what they can and cannot put on the graves of loved ones.

So they fought back. Do not click on the following link with a mouthful of liquid:

Shropshire Star: Rude protest over cemetery row

Having committed the remains of a close relative to a crematorium where the tide of tat and clutter reached epidemic proportions, before the management decided to fight back and start applying the rules, I have to say that I have some sympathy for the position taken by the mean buggers.

(It didn’t help that a mourner at the aforementioned crem took a swing at a random member of staff for removing some piece of tasteless plastic ephemera from the greensward – which said member of staff had absolutely no knowledge of whatsoever.)

But that didn’t stop me roaring with laughter when I saw the picture.

Thanks to Liberal England, which is where I came across this.