Fings wot might ‘ave been, like

When you think of Eliza Doolittle (which the Botheration management is sure you do often) it is probable you recall Audrey Hepburn, the lovely Hollywood actress who played her in the movie.

But your Botheration management grew up with the soundtrack to the original 1958 stage version by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe – the one with the gigantic, bearded puppetmaster on the record sleeve. To us, therefore, the eponymous Cockney flower-girl turned erstatz duchess will always be voiced by Julie Andrews.

And here are a series of wonderful images from the production, showing her in the role.

Stanley Holloway and Rex Harrison, of course, both made the transition from stage to film. This gives some hint of how marvellous it might have been had Andrews done the same, though it’s very hard to wish Hepburn elsewhere. Oh well. Where did we put the Sound of Music DVD?