Grifters in space…?

Adrian Lester, of Hustle fame, has set out his stall for taking over the Doctor Who role should David Tennant decide he doesn’t want to do series five.

What a brilliant idea.

The idea of a fifth series of Hustle reportedly refuses to die, and there is even talk of a film, and presumably this would do nothing to further that cause.

But that show has a possibly fatal loss of momentum now – and, if we’re honest, perhaps series four was beginning to show a few signs of wear.

Lester as Eleven on the other hand, sounds like an idea with legs.

I want to be first black Doctor Who

THE first black Doctor Who could be on our screens if one ambitious actor gets his way. Adrian Lester is a huge fan and has set his sights on becoming the next Doctor.

The 39-year-old Hustle star said: “I love Doctor Who. I grew up with the series. I actually own the very first copy of the Doctor Who Magazine with Tom Baker and the Daleks on the cover. The role really appeals to me.” Read full story here…