Have a nice cup of tea, madam…

Great story on the BBC News site today about passengers stranded on the London Eye for… wait for it… a whole hour on Easter Monday.

During which they were reportedly ordered to crack open emergency fluid, blankets and portable toilets. Declare a national emergency!

If there are a couple of centimeters more snow this week, then it’ll be a sure sign the Apocalypse is coming.

My absolute favourite bit of this whole daft story is the last line quoted here: “Guests were offered a hot drink and a refund once they had come down.” There’s even the obligatory passenger claiming it was all a shambles.

Talk about Little Britain…

Passengers stranded on London Eye

Hundreds of passengers were stranded on the London Eye for up to an hour while urgent repairs were carried out.

About 400 people were instructed, via intercom, to open emergency supplies of water, blankets and commodes as the wheel was halted on Monday.

Engineers at the attraction on the South Bank of the River Thames removed one of four mechanical wheels, which was faulty, before restarting it.

Guests were offered a hot drink and a refund once they had come down. Read the full story here…