I iz not a dedly sin…

Sloths are decidedly friends of this blog, which is why the management was intrigued to read the following masterpiece of scientific research, as reported by BBC Online and accompanied by a cute, cute picture.

Damn, more shattered illusions. And I was planning to come back as one, next time round. Apparently it is not the idyllic existence I had imagined:

Sloth’s lazy image ‘a myth’

The sloth’s popular image as a lazy creature that sleeps for most of the day has been called into question.

Rather than snoozing for more than 16 hours a day, as observed in captivity, sloths in the wild doze for less than 10 hours, research suggests.

Scientists caught sloths living in the rainforest of Panama and fitted them with a device that monitors sleep.

The findings, published in a Royal Society journal, may help shed light on human sleep disorders, they say. Read full story here…

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Here’s the LOLcat (LOLsloth??) to which the title of this post refers, because it cannot be reproduced too often:

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Altogether now: awwwww!