ISIHAC to return – with new chairman

Huge news from the BBC this morning – I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue is set to return to the schedules. As a long-time fan, I feel ambivalent about this.

It’s fantastic to know the show could have a future – and it’s my firmly-held belief that its contribution to the national Silliness Quotient is worth every penny of the licence fee on its own.

But no Humph? This from The Guardian:

New signings announced for Radio 4

Radio 4 plans to return the much loved panel show I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue to the airwaves with a new chairman following the death this year of long-serving presenter and venerated jazzman Humphrey Lyttelton.

The station’s controller, Mark Damazer, revealed yesterday that it would return next spring as he unveiled a string of other new programmes and signings as part of his mission to refresh Radio 4’s tone and content. Read full story here…

One thought on “ISIHAC to return – with new chairman

  1. There was too much art in Humph’s performance for a rotating chair – the solution favoured by Graeme Garden – to appear anything other than pathetic.

    Now Jack Dee, on the other hand, would be well up to the challenge.


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