What I'm reading: 16/05/2009

  • Sarah Hughes writing on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse: "If that sounds like a premise that is not merely ridiculous but also somewhat uncomfortable (brainwashed young women being used as playthings by wealthy men, anyone?) rest assured that Whedon is a couple of steps ahead of you."
  • What was once daring social satire, challenging political and gender norms, is now the misogynistic exploitation of women's bodies. Former performer Laurie Penny explains why.
  • James Mason – was it the looks, the voice, the aura of rumpled attractiveness descending into middle age? The perennial allure of a well-fitting pair of breeches or the ability to personify a cad? Or is it the wistfulness of opportunities missed and potential never quite achieved? David Thomson celebrates the actor on what would have been his centenary.