Roswell comes to rural Bedfordshire?

When identifying a likely location for unidentified flying objects to appear, there are certain characteristics that seem to powerfully boost the chances of an encounter.

Proximity to an airbase, a flat, rural landscape and acres of pine trees laid out in extremely straight rows all seem to provide an irresistible attraction to whatever is behind these mysterious visitations from the skies.

An ideal example is Rendlesham in Suffolk, site of the UK’s biggest-ever UFO mystery.

Which is why, when visiting the flatlands of south Bedfordshire, home to airfields including RAF Chicksands and Henlow Camp, I have always wondered why it isn’t a hotspot of the same magnitude as Suffolk.

Only it turns out that it was all along.

Here’s a compelling report from Bedfordshire Today:

UFO sightings – ‘It’s time for an official inquiry’

Leading paranormal enthusiasts have called for an inquiry following a spate of claimed UFO sightings across Bedfordshire this summer.

Last month the Times & Citizen reported that a mysterious object had been spotted in the skies above Clapham and captured on video.

That led to readers from across the county telling us about their own close encounters – and now UFO Investigations UK wants the Ministry of Defence to probe the issue.

Spokesman James Hatfield said: “More than 200 people got in touch one day in June claiming to have seen UFOs.

“Normally we receive ten to 15 calls a day. So far we’ve not been able to explain all the sightings.

“It’s time for an official inquiry.”

Subsequent reports of UFOs were made in Putnoe, Luton and Leighton Buzzard. Read full article here…

I find it curiously satisfying to hear that Bedfordshire is indeed a UFO hotspot. Although, in the interests of due scepticism and complete honesty, I have to admit this.

The footage that’s linked to in that story looks pretty easily identifiable to me. It looks like the Luton Airport stack.

But maybe I’ve lost touch with my sense of wonder…