Taking animal welfare (or doing a friend a favour) very seriously

So, as my manager’s fiance is not in the fire brigade like the lady quoted below, presumably I’d have to go elsewhere for my pet rescues?

Last year a pet of mine managed to dig herself right into the centre of a compost heap and it took five hours to recover her. If I’d only known I could have got on the phone to summon some nice burly lads to do the spadework for me…

Fire crews hunt escaped hamster

Eight firefighters have been called in to help find an escaped hamster in East Lothian.

Two crews used a chocolate-covered camera and a vacuum cleaner to try and locate missing Fudgie at six-year-old Zoe Appleby’s home in Dunbar.

Fire crews spent five hours trying to recover the pet after it scuttled down a hole in the kitchen floor.

But, the hamster, who was being looked after for a friend during the holidays, is still refusing to come out.


Mrs Appleby said: “I had been on a week’s holiday and had gone back to work, my manager’s fiance is in the fire brigade and the conversation snowballed into the fire brigade coming round to the house.” Read full story here…

Something tells me that you’d be better off not summoning the emergency services in a similar situation – if you have no personal connection to trade on, that is…