The conversations geeks have

Today at the office:

Astro: Plus, how the hell is that list to be coded with the indents and all?
Random: If you mean the nested list with the arrows etc then CSS does all that,
Random: Just nest the lists properly, and voila
Astro: Does it have the solution to war in the Middle East and the cure for cancer?
Astro: She said sourly…
Random: Yes.
Random: .terrorism, .americanImperialism {display:none;}
Random: And various others in that vein
Astro: [fallsonfloorlaughing]Very good…[/fallsonfloorlaughing]

2 thoughts on “The conversations geeks have

  1. I’d say “get a life” if it wasn’t for the fact that you just got another one, plus an extra one for me, and that they’re taking up so much leisure time already and that they’re going to involve buying a new computer…

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