Time for yet another silly joke

Newsnight presenter Gavin Esler is an unlikely source of very silly jokes. However, when his turn to compose the nightly viewers’ taster email comes around (a task not all his fellow presenters can bring themselves to undertake) he includes a quote of the day and a Joke Fit for a 12-year-old.

Today he’s remarking that many of the recent crop have been utterly unprintable, rather than fit for a 12-year-old. However he has received this one, at the expense of the American law enforcement agencies, which does bear repeating:

The FBI, DEA and CIA all argue that they are the best law enforcement agency in the world, so to find out once and for all which of them really is they devise a competition.

They release a rabbit into a forest, and whichever agency finds it first will be declared the best.

The FBI goes first. After two weeks of interviewing plants and animals, the FBI concludes that no rabbit has ever existed.

The DEA goes next. After burning down half the forest and defoliating the rest, they also find no rabbit.

The CIA goes last, and after a few moments, agents drag out a badly beaten bear, screaming “OK, OK! Yes, I’m a rabbit!”