A too-intimate acquaintance with nature

Whoever wrote this article isn’t taking account of the British climate. Or, as anyone engaged in outdoor activities at this time of year knows but too well, the British stinging nettle.

Of which the wet weather seems to have given us a particularly verdant crop this year. Ouch…

Nude climber craze tipped to take over Britain

Battling gravity on a number of levels, naked climbers are demonstrating a new American craze tipped to take Britain by storm.

Nude climbing has become popular among beginners and experienced adventurers alike. Its followers say it is the closest they can get to nature, while requiring none of the harnesses and ropes of the normal sport.

…The sport is the latest in a long line to to attract a nudist following. Nude hiking is the most common pursuit, but there is also a World Naked Bike Ride, naked wrestling, naked skating, bowling and yoga, while horticulturalists celebrate a World Naked Gardening Day. Read full story here…

Nude gardening. Now that’s far more in keeping with the national character.