Gordon Brown "a dark- skinned gypsy in aspect?" I think not

Here’s an abject piece of ridiculousness – from no less a person than the Prime Minister. Who would have thought it?

Consider if you will, the following extract from a BBC story:

I’m an older Heathcliff, says PM

Gordon Brown has said it is “absolutely correct” to compare him to Heathcliff – the brooding, romantic anti-hero of Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights.

In a New Statesman interview the PM was told: “Some women say you remind them of Heathcliff”. He replied: “Maybe an older Heathcliff, a wiser Heathcliff”.

He also said that – unlike Heathcliff – he did not “generally” lose his temper.

But Bronte expert Ann Dinsdale said the violent character, who may have been a killer, was “not an ideal role model”. Read full story here…

Where to start? I mean, where to start?

The thing about Heathcliff is that he never got older. He never got wiser. And he never managed to control his temper.

Gordon Brown may be brooding. But he’s not romantic and he’s not an anti-hero.

And he’s about as attractive as three week-old cheese.

So, if he has none of the characteristics of Heathcliff, then it’s probably not “absolutely correct” to make the comparison.

And that’s without the ridiculous quote in the fourth paragraph.

I’ll just go and lie down now…