Finding a happy medium

Is this a failure to render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s? Or maybe just the latest manifestation of compensation culture, or heavy-handed Eurocracy?

Either way, spiritualists are up in arms at the idea that dissatisfied customers might be able to sue. This from The Independent:

Mediums protest at new EU directive

The existence of another world that lies beyond death has always exerted a powerful grip over the human imagination. For centuries, spiritualists have faced down the challenges of science and established religion.

Now they fear changes to the law could leave them open to civil action from sceptics. Today, representatives of British mediums will march up Downing Street to deliver a petition containing some 10,000 signatories demanding that the Government change its decision to repeal the 1951 Fraudulent Mediums Act in favour of a new EU directive.

While the move has prompted a flurry of “they should have seen it coming” gags from detractors, spiritualists are anything but amused about the new laws.

“What we have here is a fundamental attack on our right to practise our religion. We want to stop the charlatans but the existing Act gives us reassurances which the Government seems unable to do under this new legislation. They tell us we will probably be all right but we fear this will end up with one of us in court in front of a judge,” said David McEntee-Taylor, head of the Spiritual Workers Association (SWA), that organised the protest. Read on here…