Truth, emulating fiction, becomes stranger

This, from The Telegraph is not actually funny at all, it’s an extremely sad story. But it’s another example of how things happen in real life that are way, way stranger than any fiction plot:

Shannon Matthews’ mother ‘may have copied TV kidnap plot’

The mother of Shannon Matthews has been accused of knowing her daughter’s whereabouts from the start of the £5 million search for her, sources have disclosed.

Karen Matthews, 32, was being questioned by detectives on Monday night on suspicion of perverting the course of justice after allegedly breaking down in tears in front of a police family liaison officer.

The Daily Telegraph understands that officers are examining alleged similarities between Shannon’s disappearance and a storyline from the Channel 4 drama series Shameless shown in the month before the nine-year-old vanished. Read full story here…

The rest of the story links two events. A Shameless episode where Frank Gallagher’s son is hidden in order to collect a £500,000 ransom, and alleged real-life approaches to the Find Madeleine McCann fund…