Found object: the online path to enlightenment

Having a bit of a clear-out today, trying to regain control over the loft. Control was lost while moving: “Oh, just bung that upstairs.” As a result the loft is completely full, everything in it is inaccessible and possibly there are mice living in there, nesting in my shredded comics collection.

Clearly urgent action is needed.

So the crates and boxes full of stuff are tackled. And, while this goes on, I find the following among papers. In fact, it falls out of an oversized white envelope. I have no memory of ever having seen this before. But it is a beautiful thing:

Flyer for Prem Rawat

Flyer for Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat is, apparently, a born-again guru. In that he started out as a guru and then became – what? A lifestyle counsellor? A man with valuable secret knowledge? The man with The Answer?

I’ll leave you to judge. But, as a found object, his flyer is lovely.