The truth is out there… and it's Billy Connelly!

The latest X-Files sequel is in the news again, with producers Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz dropping some tantalising hints about their plans.

In an article in yesterday’s Independent it is claimed that the film has finished shooting ready for release this summer, stars Anderson and Duchovny and has no title as yet due to a dispute with rights-holders Fox. Read more here…

All this prompted me to go and look at the IMDB entry for this putative film. And it was there I learned something shocking.

More shocking than half-human, half-alien babies, the true identity of JFK’s killer, the truth about past-life experience or any horrible monster of the week.

Slated to be in the cast is Billy Connelly.

Yes, that Billy Connelly. Our very own Glaswegian ex-shipyard worker and stand-up comic turned actor.

Now that IS truly bizarre…