In praise of Daily Lit

A quick post to sing the praises of Daily Lit – a service which sends you books in instalments, to help you fit them into your busy schedule. You can read a chapter at a time by email or, as I am, via a RSS feed reader. Many books are free; principally those out of copyright or whose authors believe in open rights. For others you pay a small fee.

I’ve just finished my first Daily Lit title – Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. Cory, a currently-London-based sci-fi writer, will of course be most familiar from Boing Boing and as a vocal champion of the open rights movement, so its no surprise to find his work on Daily Lit for free.

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is a fairly harrowing dark-future narrative, but one I’m glad I read. Next stop is something quite different – Edith Nesbit’s The Enchanted Castle, a children’s fantasy novel from the author of that wonderful tale, The Story of the Treasure Seekers.