What I'm reading: 04/10/2008

  • This is the second 'real-life Hustle' tale in nearly as many days. Previously it was art and antiques thefts – this time it's a millionaire lifestyle enjoyed on the back of ill-gotten gains. Of course, the tax fraud is a little less amusing. And Mickey and the gang were far too canny ever to tangle with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.
    (tags: cons)
  • The Brazillian Air Force has airlifted penguins that have washed up along its coast back to Patagonia. It's not known why they have travelled so far north – but global warming and pollution are both prime suspects. This is an annual task for the Brazillian air force, but the numbers of penguins it must rescue is growing. But, if this is too sad for you, check out the story's last sentence: "Other birds that were exhausted by their long journey are for the time being staying behind to enjoy the hospitable climate of Bahia – a Brazilian state known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather."